Popular methods of international payments

The international market becomes increasingly interconnected, as people purchase goods and services from suppliers on the other side of the world as easily, as in a shop on their street. However, this activity requires sending money over the borders, often changing between currencies. As we know, international money transfers can be quite expensive, as banks […]

Safe online payments – how to avoid getting scammed

Online transactions become increasingly popular because they are fast and easy. Convenient access to an internet banking, various e-wallets, smartphone apps and digital currencies leads to many people becoming enthusiastic users of new technologies. Unfortunately, during the race to be always relevant geeks forget about basic safety rules, risking their funds. It’s possible to protect […]

Online wallets – advantages of modern payment systems

A few years ago people had to visit banks or write a cheque when they wanted to send money to their friends, contractors or suppliers. Nowadays just a few clicks of a mouse or taps on a smartphone screen suffice. There are many online payment systems, and most of them involve an e-wallet. This solution […]

Transactions with QR codes – easy and quick method of payment

Various methods of smartphone payments become increasingly popular. People usually use mobile apps when they buy services or purchase items at any internet shop. However, it’s possible to use mobile payment methods when shopping in brick and mortar store as well. There are a few technologies which make it possible. The best-known one involves a […]

How to process bank payments with your smartphone

As smartphones become increasingly popular nowadays, people find new ways to use them in their everyday activities. Users who wish to send or receive money can take advantage of numerous apps catering to their needs. While applications such as PayPal remain ever popular, modern users can send money between their bank accounts with smartphones as […]