As smartphones become increasingly popular nowadays, people find new ways to use them in their everyday activities. Users who wish to send or receive money can take advantage of numerous apps catering to their needs. While applications such as PayPal remain ever popular, modern users can send money between their bank accounts with smartphones as well.

Banking apps enable users to manage bank accounts on smartphones

While most of the official bank websites cater to the mobile traffic, many banks offer specific apps to their customers as well. Thanks to the modern software, users can check the balance of their accounts, send and receive money transfers, manage saving accounts, and discover online promotions. People can find official apps and plugins on the home website of their bank.

To attract new customers and popularize web banking apps many banks offer beneficial conditions to people who use smartphones. A few banks invite their users to set up a promotional saving account during random times of the day. Other companies send a percentage of transferred funds to a chosen charity – for free. Customers, who like to hunt for bargains, can find many deals on their iPhones and Android devices.

Safe banking with smartphone apps

Banks dedicate a lot of research and testing to make sure, that official banking apps remain safe for their customers. However, users must remember to download these apps directly from bank websites.

While people can find many useful financial apps in the repositories, unfortunately, fake apps wait for unwary users as well. These
scammy programs work just like phishing websites, stealing logins and passwords from mobile users.

To remain safe, consumers should keep a few simple tips in mind. It’s best to opt for a method of double verification of outgoing money transfers so that accounts would be safe even in the case of a data breach.

People who chose to receive an SMS message when money leaves their account will be able to spot any suspicious actions immediately. A quick intervention can save their funds and put a stop to scamming attempts. Whenever in doubt, a customer should contact his bank as soon as possible to report unusual activity on his account.

Customers who have downloaded banking apps to their smartphones should remember to protect their devices with passwords. This simple solution can prevent opportunistic scammers from interfering with an idle phone. Remember – better safe than sorry.

While most computer viruses operate on classic desktop software, smartphones aren’t completely immune to a nasty code. Malicious developers have designed dangerous apps, which can steal personal data or damage other programs. That’s why cautious users install a mobile antivirus app on their phones.

While it’s possible to practice online banking through web applications, many people prefer to make use of smartphone apps instead. As long as they keep a few simple precautions in mind, that’s a safe and convenient method of accepting and sending bank money transfers.