Various methods of smartphone payments become increasingly popular. People usually use mobile apps when they buy services or purchase items at any internet shop. However, it’s possible to use mobile payment methods when shopping in brick and mortar store as well. There are a few technologies which make it possible. The best-known one involves a use of QR codes, which store the price and other data about purchased items.

What are QR codes


QR code is a picture containing a set of data, usually consisting of multiple black dots. The hidden information can vary from a web address of a provider to technical specifications or prices of any given products. Users who have smartphones on hand can use them to scan and process that data with the help of a camera and an app. This technology enables them to pay for goods with their phones.

How to buy an item with QR code scanner and an app?

Customers who want to take advantage of this modern technology have to install a smartphone app, which can read QR codes and process mobile payments. These solutions involve an online wallet or a credit card. Typically the merchant provides his software for processing of sales.

The person, who walks around the brick and mortar shop notices an item and wants to purchase it. First, that user has to scan a QR code attached to his purchase with a phone camera. Then, his smartphone decodes the image and sends necessary data to the payment processing app. Finally, the customer verifies the data and confirms this transaction. His payment immediately goes through. The seller then receives confirmation and parts with the sold item. Of course, a user can scan a few goods and pay for them at once.

Advantages of shopping with QR code app

Any customer using his smartphone as a payment processor doesn’t have to carry any cash around, decreasing the risk of money theft. As he can set a limit of money spent on a one-time purchase, it’s easier to control his expenses as well. The purchase logs in an app can be quite informative, too.

Young shoppers who are very conscious of their image like to show off while using any modern technology. People who can’t afford the best smartphones can get bonus esteem points among their peers from applying new technological solutions and proficiently using cool apps.

Finally, markets which implement this edge-cutting technology like to promote QR code sale, rewarding their customers with promotions and discounts tied to loyalty programs. A slick advertising campaign can lead to increased profits while broadening the customer base.

People who enjoy shopping and using their smartphones for everyday activities appreciate an opportunity to use cool apps in markets, taking advantages of online payment benefits. Merchants who implement QR code sales can both simplify the checkout process and attract young customers to their brick and mortar outlets.